Katy + Jordan eSession (Oct 2014)

We met at Rifle Camp Park (Woodland Park aka West Paterson) on Halloween. We had an hour to capture their engagement/Save the Date photos. The leaves couldn’t have been more beautiful. Katy and Jordan couldn’t have been happier to be (almost) alone together.

If you know how to get out of the way and make people relax, there is a moment in a photo shoot where the couple just engages each other and could care less that you are there. That happened almost immediately with Katy and Jordan so an hour was plenty of time to make amazing photos together!

I like my couples to just enjoy some time together in a cool or beautiful place –and I take photos. When they look back at the photos one day I just want them to remember a beautiful hour they spent together on Halloween not their engagement photography session.

See you two again on Sept. 26th, 2015 in Cooperstown, NY! There will be an Ommegang for me I take it?


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