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We shot our first wedding in 2006 and were hooked! We loved being with people at their best, were moved by the powerful emotions of the day, and found the fast pace and challenge of having only one chance to get the shot exhilarating! 17+ years later and nothing has changed --we still get excited enough to get "butterflies" come wedding day! 

Wedding photography requires an interesting set of skills. You need the eye of an artist, reflexes of a sports shooter, and the people skills of a therapist. You need to disappear at times, ninja-like, and reappear larger than life to marshal  the attention of 50 alcohol-fueled people for a big family portrait! You need stamina, incredible organizational skills, and the best camera gear money can buy.

Most importantly, you need to have a big love for what you do.  We are those guys!

Our clients are our family for the night (and hopefully again for maternity & newborn photos) and are treated as such. We will work really hard while making it look easy. We really don't feel tired until we pack our gear at the end of the night and begin the drive home. 

We have earned the Couple's Choice on Wedding Wire & are award-winning Best of the Knot photographers --in their Hall of Fame for that matter! 

Love stories demand exceptional images. We deliver. --Thomas Bialoglow

Let us exceed your expectations!! 

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