…and eat apples.

Schedule a photoshoot with a family in Central NJ. Mom, Dad, kids all gorgeous. Perfect.

Then, I had a vision for a baby photo shoot that included a white tub and lots of granny smith apples. I called Michael the Dad. I had just landed in EWR off an SFO redeye. Packed the car before  I left so I could shoot the morning I landed. 

Michael: Anything you need for the shoot?

Me: Is your bathtub white?

Michael: (Quizzically) Yesss…

Me: Good, we are gonna need a lot of Granny Smith apples. Enough to fill that white tub after we add some warm water. 

Michael: OK, no problem. anything else (aren’t my clients great?)

Me: No…I mean yes, a hula hoop.


When I arrived there was food, apples a hula hoop, 2 excited parents and 2 excited kids. For the apple photos used one monolight bounced off the ceiling…was perfect. I love the way Meadow and Ivy’s eyes are so lucid! 

Outside used the sun as a back and used a monolight to really get bright, happy pix, with plenty of color saturation.

Then we went back inside for some more natural photos. Loved this set, love this family. Need to get them into some cherry blossoms this spring!


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