Cosplay Photo Shoot: A Witcher

My nephew and friend Aaron stopped by our house on the way back home (Jackson, NJ for him) from the NY Renaissance Faire. He wanted to show me the cosplay he was working on and to just stop by.

Aaron is a Witcher –a character from Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and the great video game series (best played on PC, BTW).

Thought we could create some cool photos in the light rain so I popped a speed light on a light stand, put a trigger on my Nikon D850 and we headed out for a 10 minute photo shoot.

Considering how little planning and time went into this effort I am pretty excited about how the photos came out. We should revisit this when the cosplay is done. Although I don’t think a cosplay is ever done!

Gets me to thinking…a wedding with swords would be pretty cool, right?

Best, Tom

NJ Cosplay Photos