Debra & Geoff at The Tides Estate!

I met Deb and Geoff over coffee in a DD in Wyckoff. Deb was getting married for the 2nd time, Geoff for the 1st and they were clearly devoted to each other.

I don’t shoot many one photographer weddings but they were on a tight budget and I REALLY liked them and wanted to be there for the wedding. So I crafted a package to fit their needs. We were all so happy to sign the contract. 

A few weeks later, it was time for the wedding at The Tides Estate in North Haledon. Loved the venue and it is on 10 minutes from home.

Debra’s adult daughters had poignant things to say about how the love their Mom and are protective of her but knew when they met Geoff that he was the right man for their Mom…and for them.

Love a fairy tale ending –don’t you?


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