Family Group Photos at Weddings

Posed family photos. Nobody wants them; everybody gets em.

When I meet clients they almost all say they don’t want a lot of posed photos…they like candid photos. That’s great because that’s what I like too. After every wedding, when clients ask for prints they ALWAYS get a few of the posed group shots. Its not often the whole extended family is together –and these prints make great gifts.

The trick is, then, to be organized and shoot the group shots quickly and painlessly. You can help your photographer with a list of group shots you want. I even suggest your enlisting a family member who knows everyone and can help organize the groups.

Last, you need a photographer who recognizes a good setting and where the best light is. A photographer who can work fast and keep everyone focused on the task at hand. We are those photographers. Here are examples of us getting it right and keeping everyone happy!

NJ’s Best Wedding Photographers