Kelsey + John at the Mansion at Bretton Woods

Kelsey is a gorgeous Jersey girl. John is British and handsome enough to front his own boy band. It was easy to make this couple look good…or maybe it was easy for them to make ME look good, no matter the photos are fab!

It was raining early in the day so the ceremony was moved inside. During the ceremony the rain stopped and sun instead poured through the clouds and into the mansion making for really elegant and radiant photos. The love was so strong between these two –emotions ran high just look at their faces as they exchanged vows.

A horsehead mask showed up during the reception –I cannot remember if I brought mine or not but the crowd loved him.

Loved the small, intimate venue –amazing customer service and att’n to detail!

The Mansion at Bretton Woods

Another unique day with a great couple!!



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