Michael & Jackie’s Catskills Engagement Photos

I first heard from Jackie on August 2nd, looking for a wedding photographer for her and Michael’s Oct 23, 2022 wedding. Even though I spelled her name wrong in my reply (Jskie?) We finally connected for a Zoom call on August 1st. I knew immediately they were going to hire me. Our calls have been rambling, relaxed,conversations full of laughter. I am smiling now as I write this!

Mike said Lake Minnewaska was his favorite place in the world and he wanted to shoot their engagement session up there. 1:15 is a longish ride for an eSesh but I had been to this emerald of a lake surrounded by limestone cliffs and knew it would be great for the photos and a great place to finally meet Jackie & Michael. We met in the parking lot…”Bring it in,” Mike said, and gave me a hug as did Jackie. We proceeded to walk around the lake and take photos when we hit a beautiful, inspiring spot. The view over the mountains looking away from the lake was the prettiest autumnal display I had ever seen…it was moving. We had to wait for people to leave…but once they did we took some photos and celebrated for a bit, taking it all in.

Too fucking cool!


Catskills Wedding Photographers