Newborn Kara

Kara’s Mom Danielle was referred by a past client (Thanks Lauren!). Danielle contacted me 2 weeks ago but since I had trips to Vienna followed immediately by Palm Springs, I couldn’t get to her home until Saturday. Thanks for waiting!

Danielle and James have a beautiful home and a gorgeous little purple nursery for Kara! Kara was terrific for her shoot! She did pee on my blankets once but every baby does that. She did crack a wicked little smile while peeing so see if you can find that photo!

I spent just over 3 hour with Kara and her parent in Yonkers. When it was time to leave and my wife texted me about her need for a pedicure ASAP, Danielle & James helped me pack my gear and bring it out to the car! 

Thank you guys for hiring me and helping me –here is an extra large preview gallery to share with your friends and family!!



New York Newborn Photography