NJ Portrait Photographer in Ringwood SP

I have only known Satig for a short time –but she is always talking about her sisters. If is clear that they are all close and care deeply for each other. I get it –my brother is my closest friend and I relish the time we spend together.  

I offered to shoot a portrait of the three sisters who I jokingly called the Weird Sisters an homage to Shakespeare’s MacBeth. We headed to the NJ Botanical Garden in Ringwood SP for the shoot. I love it up there, and everyone I bring loves it too. In photography it too is often location, location, location!

I decided to shoot most of the photos with off-camera lighting. One monolight bounced out of an umbrella. I often used the sun as a backlight. 

I felt close to these women and I think they to me and I think I truly captured their love for each other. It was great to be there and for a couple hours I was part of the family.



NJ Portrait Photographer