Paige Elizabeth

I was lucky enough to shoot Nicole + Michael’s wedding at the Twin Brooks Country Club in Watchung, NJ.
Visit that page to see one of the shots from the day.That wedding was a watershed event. Every so often there is a wedding where you are given plenty of time, great locations and everything goes perfectly. New techniques work flawlessly, you are ALWAYS in the right place. You feel as if your abilities have risen to a new level. As a gamer I can say it’s like leveling up. Theirs was one of those weddings!

A couple of years go by and I hear from Nicole saying she is pregnant (cool) 17-year cicadas have over-run their backyard (cool) and would I be interested in shooting photos of their daughter when she is born. I was so happy that Nicole trusted me enough to take photos of Paige Elizabeth.

We make a good team –I hope there are more babies on the way!!