Park Château Wedding Starring Malika + Ray!

It was so much fun shooting Malika + Ray’s wedding! I had already met them because I shot Ray’s brother Kimornie’s wedding a month earlier. At that wedding Malika was Maid of Honor for bride Jessenia. It is always great coming into a wedding where you have met the B&G at a another wedding and plenty of the guests too.

Wedding was at the amazing Park Château –a venue I had long dreamed of shooting at. With me as 2nd shooter was Amanda, owner of Creative Pigments Photography. She killed it!

Awesome crowd with such a positive, high energy. It was a fab night –as the images will attest.

At the end of the night I kicked back for a bit and had a drink with Kimornie and Jessenia. Pretty great way to end the evening. I better get back to editing their photos!



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