Allison & Steve’s Ringwood State Park eSession

Allison & Steve were referred by some mutual friends. A referral from friends is golden –organic marketing. Friends don’t steer you wrong so couples referred by a friend almost always hire you!

We met in my local Starbuck’s and had a spirited discussion w lots of laughs. Steve is always laughing and his laugh is infectious. Before we knew it an hour had gone by –we finally got to inking the contract. 

Allison and Steve’s wedding in 2019 will be at the Art Factory in Paterson, NJ. The Art Factory is a reclaimed textile mill. I have shot some fine art work there in the past. A really cool location –I love their vision.  

For their Save the Date / eSession we chose to shoot in Ringwood at the NJ Botanical Gardens and on the grounds of Ringwood Manor. IMHO there is no better place in northern NJ for Fall portraiture! Be advised if you are a photographer you need a permit for paid work…and for that permit you need to provide proof of insurance.

Looking forward to seeing Allison and Steve in 2019 for their wedding!


Ringwood Professional Photographer