Sarah & Nick @ Rock Island Lake Club

Sarah is the last of the Murray siblings. I have shot ALL of their weddings, Sarah + Nick’s twice for good measure. Sarah + Nick decided to have an outdoor family wedding in her brother’s backyard and push the big party off until 2021!

It is pretty wonderful showing up to a wedding where everyone, knows, likes and trusts you. Lots of hugs!!

We were excited to shoot at Rock Island Lake Club as it has a stellar reputation and is a beautiful venue!

We shot the 1st look lake side (where a groomsman caught a large mouth bass!) and then head into the woods for the swing.

Rain threatened but we were able to take B&G photos and head inside as rain drops just started dotting the ground.

We had a wonderful ceremony conducted by a friend, and the most beautiful bride and groom speeches. There were few dry eyes including one or two of mine.

Late that night it hit me that this was the last Murray wedding. It has been so much fun and been so wonderful being there for you guys…but I am gonna miss you!



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