Surprise Marriage Proposal Photographer

My photo partner Jed
asked me to shoot his surprise wedding proposal to Amy on Saturday, 3/31/2018. I
was excited, honored and a little bit nervous. Though we scouted the Central
Park location a week ago, Jed was so nervous he was facing the wrong way
when he asked…maybe that was best as I got a great photo of Amy’s surprise.

Jed was pretending to get ready for a family shoot. Pulled his camera
out of the bag to take some test shots w Amy and danging from his lens
was a ribbon and engagement ring. At first Amy thought is was vegetation
hanging from his lens then she saw the sparkler!!

Meanwhile I was
wearing a hoodie w hood pulled down so that Amy wouldn’t recognize me.
She thought I was some shady guy looking to get close and steal Jed’s

So cool to have been a part of this! Love to you both!


NJ Surprise Proposal Photography