Wedding in NJ’s Mountains

Lara + Ray happened in Walpack, NJ yesterday with a quick side trip (on a terribly rutted road) to Layton, NJ for some photos at Buttermilk Falls. 

I have long-wanted to get to shoot a wedding in the Rockies –this is as close as I can get in NJ!

Lara’s sister Jenny contacted me <2 weeks before the wedding. They were referred by Bonna + Rich. Bonna is Lara’s cousin –they grew up together.

The fields of gold where we shot these photos are the backyard Lara and her sister Jenny grew up in. There are MANY beautiful spots to take photos in and near Walpack but what better place than your home. Thanks for pointing this out Jenny!


1st Wedding preview gallery posted within 6 hours of the end of the wedding! More images added 1/1/2019

Wedding at the rustic and excellent Walpack Inn. Great food and service!

Wedding dress purchased at L’Fay Bridal in Chatham.

Groom by US Army Rangers!

My last wedding for 2018 sets the stage for 2019. Happy New Year!

Peace and hugs,


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