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  1. Cosplay Photo Shoot: A Witcher

    20 Aug 2018

    My nephew and friend Aaron stopped by our house on the way back home (Jackson, NJ for him) from the NY Renaissance Faire. He wanted to show me the cosplay he was working on and to just stop by Aaron is a Witcher –a character from Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and…

  2. Magicicada Brood VII - Onondaga Hill, NY

    05 Jun 2018

    When I was a little kid, I had a small insect field guide. In that guide was a photo of the red-eye periodical cicada (Magicicada spp). Plying the alleyways and infrequent parks of Jersey City, NJ I never did see one. When I turned 14, we moved to the ‘burbs…

  3. Whale Watching in NY Bay

    28 Aug 2017

    Took my kids, father in law and sister in law on a whale watching tour that launches near Rockaway Beach. Sadly my wife couldn’t make it. Humpback whales within sight of the NYC skyline –who knew?! Cool AF!! Can’t wait to go back!! –Tom Queens Wedding Photographers

  4. Horseshoe Crabs Mating, Delaware Bay

    28 May 2017

    Spent Friday evening through late AM Sat in Heislerville, NJ on Delaware Bay. Right by the East Point Light House there. Our annual trip to witness the annual ritual of horseshoe crabs coming into the surf to mate and lay eggs as they have been for…get this…450 million years.  On…

  5. Jessie + Steve at Perona Farm’s Barn!

    01 Aug 2016

    Amazing wedding! Strong love and bonds. Amazing families. Mitch the Minister!! A great day and night –love and thanks to With Jed and I, 1 plus 1 = 3! Love, Tom Sussex County’s Best Wedding Photographers

  6. Kelly + Simeon @ the Valley Regency in Clifton, NJ

    25 Apr 2016

    Kelly + Simeon got married Friday night at the Valley Regency in Clifton, NJ. We were so honored to be invited as photographers! Simeon’s reaction upon seeing Kelly was priceless.  Wonderful families and friends supporting people they love. It’s fun to be a wedding photographer! Special thanks to for…

  7. Focus Pulling: Fireworks & Christmas Tree

    20 Dec 2015

    With focus pulling you employ manual focus and long exposures. A good tripod is a necessity! The fireworks were 5s exposures, the Christmas tree 8 seconds.  With fireworks I think the images are best if you start out of focus and slowly rack back to in focus. With my  Christmas…

  8. Gabriel & Luciana at 11 Days

    28 Feb 2015

    I shot Joyce and Paul’s Save the Date photos in June of 2011 overlooking the NYC skyline at dusk. One year later (6/12) I shot their wedding in Edison, Hamilton and Princeton. What. A. Party. Joyce and Paul then got me a job shooting the retirement party of the Chairman…