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  1. Magicicada Brood VII - Onondaga Hill, NY

    05 Jun 2018

    When I was a little kid, I had a small insect field guide. In that guide was a photo of the red-eye periodical cicada (Magicicada spp). Plying the alleyways and infrequent parks of Jersey City, NJ I never did see one. When I turned 14, we moved to the ‘burbs…

  2. Whale Watching in NY Bay

    28 Aug 2017

    Took my kids, father in law and sister in law on a whale watching tour that launches near Rockaway Beach. Sadly my wife couldn’t make it. Humpback whales within sight of the NYC skyline –who knew?! Cool AF!! Can’t wait to go back!! –Tom Queens Wedding Photographers

  3. Liam Jake at -8 Days

    02 Apr 2017

    We shot Dani + Ali’s wedding Nov 2014 I was so excited to be asked to take newborn photos of their 1st child a few mos ago. Liam Jake was born 8 weeks early. I shot these photos for Moms Ali + Danielle today, but Liam wasn’t due until…

  4. Jumping Spider, Phidippus audax

    31 Jul 2016

    I caught this beautiful jumping spider (Phidippus audax) in my yard a few weeks ago. I had been keeping it in a jar and dropping in a fly every couple of days to watch it hunt. Members of Salticidae, the jumping spider family, stalk their prey and leap on them…

  5. Pequannock Valley Dental Associates

    27 Jul 2016

    I really enjoyed this early morning shoot. Long exposure HDR on a tripod is pretty zen. Looking forward to interiors and staff head shots –hopefully next week. –Thomas Real Estate and Architectural Photography

  6. Farah + Wiwat Rock The Venetian in Garfield, NJ

    22 Jun 2016

    I always say we have the most beautiful brides but it is pretty clear that we also have the handsomest grooms! Farah + Wiwat were married at The Venetian last Saturday, June 18th.  Wiwat tearing up while we awaited Farah for their first look was so touching I am tearing…

  7. Kasey + Mike Get Married in Hoboken & Party in Queens!

    06 Jun 2016

    Will add more details later –venue, planners, band, food, hair and make-up. Best, New Jersey’s Best Wedding photography

  8. Focus Pulling: Fireworks & Christmas Tree

    20 Dec 2015

    With focus pulling you employ manual focus and long exposures. A good tripod is a necessity! The fireworks were 5s exposures, the Christmas tree 8 seconds.  With fireworks I think the images are best if you start out of focus and slowly rack back to in focus. With my  Christmas…

  9. Lauren + Curtiss – a West Orange, NJ Wedding

    09 Dec 2015

    Lauren and Curtiss at the Highlawn Pavilion in 2013! Gorgeous couple, close family, fun friends, a great time even for a working man! To this day (Dec 2015), no bride has been a better dancer than Lauren!  Lauren + Curtiss have since had a beautiful girl –Chloe! Thomas Best Wedding…

  10. Tyler + Emily in Morris County

    09 Oct 2015

    Emily + Tyler had their big day in beautiful Morris County, NJ. Tyler’s face when seeing Emily enters the church is amazing so click-through for a look that just might give you the feels!  Photographic highlight was the photo session at FDU campus in Madison. Brilliant couple on a brilliant…

  11. Jackie + Frank at Mayfair Farms

    05 Oct 2015

    Venue: Mayfair Farms - DJ’s: (Corey, Mike & Eric) MUA: (Irina) Hairstylist: (Sheryl Courtney) Florist: Belly Dancer: Hurricane Joaquin threatened but had more bluster than bite. We were able to get outside briefly for a couple of photo sets. It was windy, a little…

  12. Sunflowers at Sunrise

    19 Sep 2015

    Have been passing these sunflowers frequently the last couple of weeks so got there this morning, just after sunrise, for some photos.  Small personal projects like this are de facto meditation for me. A way to relax and reenergize my passion for photography.  –Thomas

  13. Adrianna @ 9 Days Old

    14 Jul 2015

    Took photos of beautiful Adrianna in the town I spent my teenage years in –Carteret, NJ! Cooler still I was invited by someone I worked with and went on one date with “back in the day”.  Anyway I had a great time with everyone and Adrianna’s 12 year old aunt…

  14. Melissa + David

    29 Jun 2015

    Melissa + David’s wedding was a high energy affair at the the amazing Waterside ( on the Hudson!  Melissa and her sister jumping up and down on the bed before the wedding is about as much fun as I have ever seen a bride have immediately before her wedding. David’s…

  15. Jessica + Brian

    25 May 2015

    Amazing North Jersey wedding! Found an incredible little park in Tenafly for the formal portraits! Great fun, great weather and most importantly, Great people!! Bergen County Wedding Photographers

  16. Newborn Kara

    27 Apr 2015

    Kara’s Mom Danielle was referred by a past client (Thanks Lauren!). Danielle contacted me 2 weeks ago but since I had trips to Vienna followed immediately by Palm Springs, I couldn’t get to her home until Saturday. Thanks for waiting Danielle and James have a beautiful home and a gorgeous…

  17. Stevanna’s Maternity Shoot in Joshua Tree NP

    26 Apr 2015

    While out in Palm Springs on other biz, I found Stevanna who was ISO a photographer for maternity photos I suggested Joshua Tree NP –there are some beautiful, smooth round boulders that I thought would be an interesting setting for maternity photos. The shape of the baby bump echoed in…

  18. Danielle + Tomasz

    27 Mar 2015

    Danielle and Tomasz’s wedding took place at The Tides Estate. Love The Tides and it is only 15 minutes from home too!! Crazy friends, warm families –though they were a little crazy too.  Danielle’s dance with her Dad had me tearing up… –Thomas

  19. Monument Valley Tribal Park

    14 Feb 2015

    I was travelling to NM on biz and saw that Monument Valley was only a 4 hour drive from where I was working. Decided I’d get there early and spend at least a day in Monument Valley Now a 4 hour drive through the Southwest is not like a horrific…

  20. Gina + Anthony

    14 Feb 2015

    Gina + Anthony have known each other since 3rd grade! Wow They were married in St. Matthias church, right next to the school they both attended as children. The reception was at the alway beautiful Forsgate CC in Monroe Township. Golf courses are always great to shoot on…FORE! That was…

  21. Ariel + Chandran’s Florentine Gardens Wedding

    02 Feb 2015

    Ariel + Tiruvattar’s wedding day started off cold and rainy…it was pouring when I showed up at the Woodcliff Lake Hilton where Ariel was getting ready. The rain let up after the ceremony an we were able to get outside for some portraits to my delight! I have only had…

  22. Maura + Dan (Oct-2014)

    02 Feb 2015

    I shot Maura and Dan’s wedding on an amazing Autumn afternoon in Upstate NY. They live around the block from me and found me on Google Maps –noticed me on their phones! Pretty easy to meet –I’d walk around block. We immediately had an easy rapport and I was excited…

  23. Rebecca + Mat (Nov-2014)

    01 Feb 2015

    It was a cold rainy November Day day in Mamaroneck, NY. Weather could not dampen the spirits of Rebecca, Mat, bridal party and guests. The enthusiasm of the bride and groom and their faith in us to “get the shot” made for maybe the single strongest image from 2014! The…

  24. Damian Alexander @ 11 days (Jan-2015)

    27 Jan 2015

    So…shot Daisy & Luis’s engagement photos around and IN the Ramapo River here in Oakland, NJ, the town we all call home. Next, I shot Daisy’s wedding in Costa Rica and stayed with her wonderful family. Now I got to shoot photos of their beautiful baby boy Damian Alexander. Since…