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  1. Colleen + Richard’s Morris County Wedding

    30 Sep 2021

    Congrats to Colleen and Richard! Getting ready at the Morristown Museum was a stroke of genius. We got to take photos in a gallery that was not set to open to the public for a couple more weeks. 1st look in the Museum on stairs festooned with flowers. St. Ann’s…

  2. Mary & John Tie the Knot in Middlesex County

    09 Jul 2018

    Awesome wedding with awesome people. I spent my teenage years in Middlesex county so it was good to be back to shoot a wedding. Mary + John were referred by past clients Kailtin + John (thanks guys!!) and I got to see them at the wedding too We had maybe…

  3. Surprise Marriage Proposal Photographer

    02 Apr 2018

    My photo partner Jed asked me to shoot his surprise wedding proposal to Amy on Saturday, 3/31/2018. I was excited, honored and a little bit nervous. Though we scouted the Central Park location a week ago, Jed was so nervous he was facing the wrong way when he asked…maybe that…

  4. Family Group Photos at Weddings

    31 Dec 2016

    Posed family photos. Nobody wants them; everybody gets em When I meet clients they almost all say they don’t want a lot of posed photos…they like candid photos. That’s great because that’s what I like too. After every wedding, when clients ask for prints they ALWAYS get a few of…

  5. A Florentine Gardens Wedding

    31 Dec 2016

    A few posts back on my ever-lovin’ blog you’ll find Danielle + Chris’s Engagement Session in Weehawken, NJ. We had a perfect spring day lots of sun and low humidity do you could clearly see the NYC skyline. Fast forward a few mos and we found ourselves in River Vale…

  6. Hai Li + David’s Liberty House Wedding

    30 Dec 2016

    Liberty House is a venue that exudes class. Great venue with one of the best views of the NYC skyline. Hai Li and David hired us w/o meeting in person –they live in Chicago. We conducted a couple of phone interviews and really hit it off!  The families and bridal…