Three Cousins –Autumn Mini Session

Addie, Damian, and Dominic visited me for a quick session on November 6th. Had to keep it quiet as these photos were going to make a few appearances as Christmas presents. I wish I could have been there Christmas morning –I am thinking these photos were probably well-received!

I shot these photos in my backyard –used one light bounced off a large umbrella. Paul C Buff White Lightning 1600 monolight, Nikon D750 and either a Nikon 24-75 f/2.8 VR or a Nikon 105 f/2.8 VR lens. Used a pair of PocketWizard III RF triggers.

These turned out so great I plan on shooting Fall mini sessions in my backyard next year. 30 minutes for $150 –40 edited photos. Perfect for Christmas cards!



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Dani and Chris: eSesh with a View

Dani and Chris wanted an engagement session in NJ with a view of Manhattan, Also, had to be when the light would not be at it’s best. 

I wanted some green in the shoot and some shade. I found a tiny park in Weehawken NJ. Checked it out before the shoot –trees, shade when required, and a killer view of the Manhattan skyline. 

I bought one off-camera light with me, bounced it off of an umbrella. Lighting was great!

Two happy in-love people spending time together, staring into each others eyes made it easy to get the expressions I wanted and kept the session fun for everyone. 

Dani and Chris were married 6 mos later on a snowy day at Florentine Gardens. 



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Stella + Ed’s Christmas Wedding at the Higlawn Pavillion in West Orange

Stella + Ed decided to get married before Christmas at the beautiful Highlawn Pavillion in West Orange. They had a small wedding –so we were downstairs in the wine cellar. What a cool, intimate space! Lucia Rose, their daughter was about 2 mos old –I shot her newborn photos when she was just 9 days old. 

Scott Kastner’s Lounge Cricket provided the evening’s soundtrack. Two big, beautiful families collided and merged for a grand party. Ed covering the Georgia Satellite’s “Hands to Yourself” was a party highlight, but every time Lucia Rose was snuggled with Mom, Dad or family of the dance floor…it couldn’t have sweeter.

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Maura + Dan featuring Madelyn

I shot Maura + Dan’s wedding in October 2014…

The Fountains at Walkill is a great venue. A country club with lots of green lawn and an abundance of Fall foliage at it’s peak!  The photos after the ceremony were to die for –so gorgeous. Great staff, good food and I even met Jessie + Steve there and shot their engagement photos and wedding in the next 2 years!

Maura + Dan found me on Google Maps –I am literally around the block from them.

I shot some family photos in my backyard that turned out amazing…texted Maura…come on over…light is amazing!

So they did and we shot for maybe 15 minutes. Definitely need to set-up a bunch of mini sessions in my backyard next fall!

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Janelle + Shawn have a Halloween Wedding

Janelle + Shawn’s wedding was an homage to Halloween…they even entered the reception in costume! Guests were encouraged to attend in costume and to bring their own Jack O Lantern!

Wedding was at the Oakside Mansion in Bloomfield –an eminently cool venue for a wedding. The outdoor ceremony was particularly beautiful. Frungillo Caterers fed us all to their usual high standards! Guests costumes ran the gamut from simple to elaborate and really enjoyed themselves.

Lots of sweet and poignant moments …Janelle’s grandfather Tiny was the life of the party and as about a sweet a guy as you’ll ever meet.

Congratulations to Janelle and Shawn!

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Krista + Will Tie the Knot in Long Branch, NJ!!

*Wedding photos not in chronologic order*

Much love to partner !!

Krista is an amazing esthetician –I have worked with her wearing my medical photography hat. I was so excited when she and Will hired me as their wedding photographer. We started with and engagement session at Skylands Manor and the NJ Botanical Garden in March:

Their wedding was full of laughter, fun and tears –what a day!

Photos were posted on-line within 2 days…rather than 100 all at once, I posted ~10 a day for a week + to keep people coming back for more on my FB biz page:

That’s why photos are NOT in chronologic order…



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Stephanie + Gary at Mountain Creek, Vernon, NJ

I shot Stephanie’s brother Jordan’s wedding just over a year ago. When Steph contacted me a few mos ago I was psyched –when family refers family what better endorsement of my skills can there be?!

Jordan had gotten married in Cooperstown, NY…Stephanie + Gary chose Vernon, NJ –much closer to home. Their wedding was at The Red Tail Inn at Mountain Creek. Steph got ready at the gorgeous Appalachian Hotel. The wedding took place on a mountain top with an amazing view…we had to ride a gondola to get to the top!

I didn’t mention this, but Jordan married Katie. I am shooting Katie’s cousin’s wedding next year in New Hope, PA so I will get to see many of these clients, nee friends again. 

Sometimes I feel so lucky and loved.



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Barb’s Maternity Shoot in Ringwood, NJ

I had a maternity shoot scheduled with Barb, but a few days before she had a feeling she was going to go early so we moved the shoot up. Good thing we did as she had Lily Grace early and we would not have been able to take these beautiful photos of Barb and John!

We started out in the NJ Botanical Garden an ended the shoot on the grounds of Ringwood Manor in Ringwood Brook. John and I guided Barb across some rocks to keep her warm and dry. Had a monolight attached to a battery pack camera right firing into a 16x24 softbox to light up Barb and to help with color fidelity.

I was standing in water that was mid-calf deep and so cold it hurt. Was so worth the pain as I couldn’t have been happier with the photos! I’ll post some photos of Lily Grace in a couple of days too!



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8 day Old Lily Grace in West Milford, NJ

I shot maternity photos for Lily’s mom 2 days before Lily was born. We were scheduled later during the week waiting for an address from Etsy…but the dress came in and Barb was feeling like Lily was going to be rather early.

Well, good thing Barb moved the shoot up or we’d have never captured the amazing maternity shots we did that day! Copy/Past the link below to see our “Birth Goddess” session –LOL!

Lily is beautiful like Mom and Dad…but wasn’t in the mood for photos when I visited. Took a solid 4 hours and the best shots were at the end of the session. 

Looking forward to more newborn photography sessions –none until April at present.



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Nicole + Bryan at Macaluso’s in Hawthorne, NJ

Nicole + Bryan were referred by clients Lauren +
John (thanks again!). Their wedding was at Macaluso’s in Hawthorne –14
minutes from home. What an easy commute. Nicole is gorgeous, Bryan is
handsome and charismatic. They trusted us so implicitly –whatever we
wanted was good with them. As follows, we shot the 1st look in the
middle of Rea Avenue…and are so happy with the pics.

Macaluso’s has a love affair with food that you can taste! Amazing! Need
to talk to them about shooting there more often –and eating! Nicole and Bryan’s families were full of love and so much fun to work
with –especially Uncle Dave! Love to –he makes me better!


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