Caitlin + Daniel’s Catskills Wedding

Realized I had never posted Caitlin + Dan’s Catskills wedding featuring one of the most dramatic ceremony locations ever.

This was at The Eagles Nest in Bloomingburg, NY

Now this was 4 years ago and Caitlin’s teary thank you to me at the end of the night is one of my best wedding highlights ever.



Wedding in NJ’s Mountains

Lara + Ray happened in Walpack, NJ yesterday with a quick side trip (on a terribly rutted road) to Layton, NJ for some photos at Buttermilk Falls. 

I have long-wanted to get to shoot a wedding in the Rockies –this is as close as I can get in NJ!

Lara’s sister Jenny contacted me <2 weeks before the wedding. They were referred by Bonna + Rich. Bonna is Lara’s cousin –they grew up together.

The fields of gold where we shot these photos are the backyard Lara and her sister Jenny grew up in. There are MANY beautiful spots to take photos in and near Walpack but what better place than your home. Thanks for pointing this out Jenny!


1st Wedding preview gallery posted within 6 hours of the end of the wedding! More images added 1/1/2019

Wedding at the rustic and excellent Walpack Inn. Great food and service!

Wedding dress purchased at L’Fay Bridal in Chatham.

Groom by US Army Rangers!

My last wedding for 2018 sets the stage for 2019. Happy New Year!

Peace and hugs,


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Rachel + Brian Marry in New Brunswick

My 3rd wedding at St. Peter’s in New Brunswick! I have shot more weddings in this church than any other! That being said the lighting on the alter is terrible –a totally different color than the light in the rest of the church.

Rachel + Brian were referred by Lisa + Anthony –their second referral. It was good to see them at the wedding –thanks again!

Rachel is an actress and incredible alive in front of the camera. Brian is madly in love and follows her lead.

We had a cute formal session across the street from the church on Rutgers’s property. Such a pretty spot. Rachel brought along a yellow umbrella an homage to How I met your Mother.

The reception  was at the Pantagis Renaissance –home of great service and food.

All the best to you guys. Lisa + Anthony –please keep the referrals coming!

All the best,


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ASAP Maternity and Family Photos

Cheryl and Steve contacted me on 12/13…Cheryl’s due date is 12/19 and their maternity photographer cancelled on them.

They were very concerned…no, worried… they weren’t going to get maternity photos…they missed the opportunity when Cheryl was pregnant with Evan.

I was able to make time the morning of the 15th…we shot in and around their home for convenience. In 90 minutes we had some gorgeous photos and less than 24 hours later I posted their photos for download on Google Drive!

Happy holidays!


Oakland NJ Maternity Photographer

Jessica + Andrew at David’s Country Inn

Amazing wedding last night! David’s Country Inn was a great venue –perfect!

Jessica & Andrew were wonderful to work with! Great friends and family and a spirited party in a historic venue!

Loved Jessica’s Essence of Australia dress –gorgeous!

Love you guys…thanks for the invitation!! Hope I will see you again at your friend’s weddings in the next few years!



Musician Headshots - NJ Photographer

My backyard in Northern NJ is a great space for outdoor portraits! Fall in particular is a photographic wonderland! I set up one light, use the sun as a back light and the photos are amazing! People love being outside on a beautiful day so I get great, happy expressions too!

When Jason contacted me for head shots I was excited –I had never done musician head shots before! We had a perfect day and lots of laughs and in ~30 minutes a great array of photos for Jason top choose from. Hoping Jason sends from friends my way!


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Rutgers Gardens Family Photo Shoot

Love a family session in a beautiful spot like Rutgers Gardens! Combine a family session with an engagement session and it’s magical!

In addition to marrying Melissa, a beautiful and strong woman, Mike married a family including to gorgeous twin girls.

Life is wonderful, eh?

All the best,


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Allison & Steve’s Ringwood State Park eSession

Allison & Steve were referred by some mutual friends. A referral from friends is golden –organic marketing. Friends don’t steer you wrong so couples referred by a friend almost always hire you!

We met in my local Starbuck’s and had a spirited discussion w lots of laughs. Steve is always laughing and his laugh is infectious. Before we knew it an hour had gone by –we finally got to inking the contract. 

Allison and Steve’s wedding in 2019 will be at the Art Factory in Paterson, NJ. The Art Factory is a reclaimed textile mill. I have shot some fine art work there in the past. A really cool location –I love their vision.  

For their Save the Date / eSession we chose to shoot in Ringwood at the NJ Botanical Gardens and on the grounds of Ringwood Manor. IMHO there is no better place in northern NJ for Fall portraiture! Be advised if you are a photographer you need a permit for paid work…and for that permit you need to provide proof of insurance.

Looking forward to seeing Allison and Steve in 2019 for their wedding!


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