Cosplay Photo Shoot: A Witcher

My nephew and friend Aaron stopped by our house on the way back home (Jackson, NJ for him) from the NY Renaissance Faire. He wanted to show me the cosplay he was working on and to just stop by.

Aaron is a Witcher –a character from Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and the great video game series (best played on PC, BTW).

Thought we could create some cool photos in the light rain so I popped a speed light on a light stand, put a trigger on my Nikon D850 and we headed out for a 10 minute photo shoot.

Considering how little planning and time went into this effort I am pretty excited about how the photos came out. We should revisit this when the cosplay is done. Although I don’t think a cosplay is ever done!

Gets me to thinking…a wedding with swords would be pretty cool, right?

Best, Tom

NJ Cosplay Photos

Mary & John Tie the Knot in Middlesex County

Awesome wedding with awesome people. I spent my teenage years in Middlesex county so it was good to be back to shoot a wedding. Mary + John were referred by past clients Kailtin + John (thanks guys!!) and I got to see them at the wedding too.

We had maybe the best day of the Summer so far! Cool with low humidity and brilliant sunshine. Had such a great time with Mary + John’s friends and family –the best of people. I hope there are other family members to yet get married –I wanna hang out w these people again!

Loved the venue and grounds –really quite a gem. Killer band made for a rousing party. Cool working w Chris from Digital Memories –he lives less than 2 miles away from, me and we’d never met before! Jed Smith as always the best photographer I know. Love having you in my corner, brother!

Venue // The Estate at Farrington Lake //

Flowers // Roberts Florals //

Entertainment // Morning After Band //

Cinematographer // Digital Memories //

2nd Photographer // Jed Smith photography //



East Brunswick Wedding Photographers

Maternity Shoot in the Gloaming

Happy to be invited to shoot wedding photos for Juanita + David –especially since I was their wedding photographer about 13 mos ago! Such a sweet couple –could not be more polite and pleasant to work with. Joshua is such a good kid!

We shot these photos around (and in) Mt. Hope Pond. We had a very short window on a very hot day but Sol laid down some sweet color on the surface of the pond and we tolerated the heat for ~ an hour to get these photos. Shirt was soaked through with sweat but no regrets! Whole family loves the photos. Who knows…watch this space in about 5 weeks for newborn photos!



Rockaway Photographers NJ

Glen Spey NY Wedding Photographer

Happy 7th Anniversary Megan & Ben! B&G had a beautiful wedding at the Mountainview Manor in Glen Spey, NY. Sadly, I haven’t been back to the venue since. I loved it there!

I think I am more skilled as a wedding photographer than I was 7 years ago. Still there is much I love about these photos! I had a great rapport with Megan + Ben having shot a sunset eSession at the NJ Botanical Garden in Ringwood, NJ. It is great working with lovely, sweet people!


Mountainview Manor Wedding Photographer

Randolph Newborn Photography - Cora Rose

Katy and Jordan had a baby! Beautiful lil Cora rose, 8 days old in these photos! I set up and created these photos in and around their home.

I shot Mom and Dad’s engagement and wedding photos. Good to be back with them and I really appreciate their love and trust in my abilities!

All the best, Tom

Randolph Wedding Photographers

Union NJ Baptism Photography Session

A preview from Joshua’s big day –baptism and christening party.

Josh was happy all day albeit sleepy from time to time!

St. Michael’s in Union hosted 9 babies for baptisms this Sunday…there was quite a crowd around the baptismal font!

Party after was at The Castle in Roselle Park. Great service and food. Lots of kids enjoying each other’s company and curious to see there photos on the back of my Nikon D850!

Loved working with these families and hope for an opportunity to see them all again!!


NJ Baby Photographer

Magicicada Brood VII - Onondaga Hill, NY

When I was a little kid, I had a small insect field guide. In that guide was a photo of the red-eye periodical cicada (Magicicada spp). Plying the alleyways and infrequent parks of Jersey City, NJ I never did see one. When I turned 14, we moved to the ‘burbs. Carteret, NJ. Seemed like the country to my brother and I. Much more green and more opportunities to check off more insects in my field guide!

When I was 15, I finally met the periodical Cicada! Some Brood II specimens emerged in my parent backyard. I was thrilled to finally see them. The population was small. None of the loud chorusing you hear where there are huge, dense populations.

Not everyone was so excited. I was talking with my friend Brian. A magicicada landed near his feet on my patio. He lifted his foot to stomp on it.

OMG no,” I screamed and pushed him away. I told him of it’s long, dark life sucking juice out of roots for 17 years and it’s short weeks in the sun, singing to find a mate. I gently picked up the cicada and tossed it into the air. It took flight in a gentle upward arc, the sunlight shimmered upon it’s gossamer wings. Then a bird swooped down and ate it. Ces’t la vie, eh?

Anyway I have seen a few broods in different states over the years and when I learned that Brood VII would be emerging south of Syracuse around Onondaga Hill, NY, I knew I’d have to make the trip. I first tried on a vacant lot but was chased away by local residents. I then contacted Saul, owner of Griffin Hill Brewery as I has seen a story about Cicadas on his property.

Saul was incredibly gracious –I spent a few hours wandering his property photographing this most intriguing insect.

Before I left a shot a few family portraits and bought some beer which I have yet to imbibe. 

A most worthy odyssey.


Caitlyn + Paul - Franklin Lakes Wedding Photographers -

We had the best time with Caitlyn, Paul and their families last weekend. I get to take photos of amazing people, who are in love, having the best night of their lives. 

How great is that?


2nd Photographer







Franklin Lakes Wedding Photographers

Mallory Pearl - Bergen County Baby Photographers

On July 2nd, 2016 I shot Andrea + Sean’s wedding! it was my 1st Marine wedding and it was a blast. OORAH!!

I was excited to hear from Andrea recently –even more excited when she asked me over to her Mom’s in my neighboring town of Wyckoff, NJ to take some photos of her and her 7 month-old baby girl Mallory Pearl! How cute is that name?!

I had Mom, Aunt Allie and Grandma all helping me keep Mallory happy and looking my way. We had so much fun! Only had planned on the tub shot –everything else I improvised on the fly. I was inspired by the all the love.

Thanks ladies –next time we gotta include Sean!


Wyckoff Baby Photographers