New Year’s Eve Wedding at The Venetian

Sneak peak from Kristina + Dan’s amazing New Year’s Eve wedding a The Venetian in Garfield, NJ this Sunday into Monday. Last wedding of 2017 was also the 1st of 2018! Church was the gorgeous Holy Rosary in Passaic, NJ, gleaming and gorgeous inside! We love you Dan & Kristina –a larger gallery to follow VERY soon!



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Christmas Family Portraits - Oakland NJ

The DeCroce family stopped by for their Christmas Family photo session in late November. We shot these in my backyard with one studio light. The leaves were perfect, as was the light! In 15 minutes we had amazing photos of their boys for their Christmas card!

Could not have been easier!!



New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer

I haven’t worked w any clients more! Engagement, wedding, pregnancy announcement, maternity, newborn and a few family sessions. These guys are friends, not clients!

My backyard looking great for family portraits through Nov 18th so far this year!


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Newborn Louis James-NJ Baby Photographer

Louis James stopped by with Mom and Dad today for
some photos. Adorable lil LJ was NOT having it but we worked in fits and
starts and created some beautiful photos of this gorgeous boy! Thanks
for stopping by!

I will see Mom and Dad in October for their Jersey Shore wedding!



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Oakland NJ Family Photographer

Much of my backyard is wooded. It is a beautiful setting for portraits all year but especially in the Fall!

Will be shooting mini sessions on Nov 10 and/or 11, 2017. Sent me a note if you are interested –it’ll be so much fun!!


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Laura & Francis’s Central Park EPS

I bet even many New Yorkers have no idea there are waterfalls in Central Park. The North Woods section of the park was designed to evoke comparison to the Adirondacks and towards that end there is a stream, a ravine, waterfalls and miles of trails. Enter the North Woods and leave the Manhattan cityscape behind. You don’t hear the city but for the occasional distant siren that is quickly muffled into submission. This is a perfect urban oasis!!

I had never been to the North Woods before. I really haven’t been in Central Park much north of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I am in Laura & Francis’s debt for introducing me to this beautiful slice of Mr. Olmstead’s emerald jewel! Seriously –I owe you! I loved it here and will be back.

Oh, I took pictures while we all enjoyed the day and the photos are a reflection of the sublime few hours we spent together. The thing I love most about an E-Session is getting to know my couples on relaxed terms with the luxury of time. Come wedding day we are all friends and share trust and memories of a sublime morning in the North Woods.

Best –Tom

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Autumn in High Point State Park NJ

Took my boys up to High Point SP in Sussex County, NJ yesterday. Felt it had been too long since we were outdoors and wanted to head out while there were still leaves on the trees.

High Point is only an hour from home and much of the drive is quite pretty. When I was a kid my Dad always got us outdoors so I am continuing that mission.

It is often a challenge to start out but once we get somewhere we all have a great time.

I am an insect lover and it was a treat catching a giant water bug. Looking forward to some insect macros!

Instead of watching football and Netflix…or maybe in addition get out and enjoy the natural places. It is an investment in your kids!

Love, Tom

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NJ Portrait Photographer in Ringwood SP

I have only known Satig for a short time –but she is always talking about her sisters. If is clear that they are all close and care deeply for each other. I get it –my brother is my closest friend and I relish the time we spend together.  

I offered to shoot a portrait of the three sisters who I jokingly called the Weird Sisters an homage to Shakespeare’s MacBeth. We headed to the NJ Botanical Garden in Ringwood SP for the shoot. I love it up there, and everyone I bring loves it too. In photography it too is often location, location, location!

I decided to shoot most of the photos with off-camera lighting. One monolight bounced out of an umbrella. I often used the sun as a backlight. 

I felt close to these women and I think they to me and I think I truly captured their love for each other. It was great to be there and for a couple hours I was part of the family.



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Michelle + Ryan’s Westchester Wedding

Amazing day w amazing people on the banks of the Hudson River. Shooting wedding photos with friends and clients who feel like long-time friends in the Fall in Westchester County –how lucky am I?

I met Michelle and Ryan at their friend’s wedding. Always cool to come to a wedding knowing many of the guests. Special thanks to Greg for the amazing 22oz bottle of his home-brewed Raisin’ Hell –a most delicious and potent brew!!

Wedding was just 4 days ago –it was hard to only pick 100 photos for this gallery but I think I need to save another 800 or so for the B&G!

Thanks to all the amazing vendors who made it easier to get great photos:

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Florist: @Denyse Farrell Roy on FB |



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