Barb’s Maternity Shoot in Ringwood, NJ

I had a maternity shoot scheduled with Barb, but a few days before she had a feeling she was going to go early so we moved the shoot up. Good thing we did as she had Lily Grace early and we would not have been able to take these beautiful photos of Barb and John!

We started out in the NJ Botanical Garden an ended the shoot on the grounds of Ringwood Manor in Ringwood Brook. John and I guided Barb across some rocks to keep her warm and dry. Had a monolight attached to a battery pack camera right firing into a 16x24 softbox to light up Barb and to help with color fidelity.

I was standing in water that was mid-calf deep and so cold it hurt. Was so worth the pain as I couldn’t have been happier with the photos! I’ll post some photos of Lily Grace in a couple of days too!



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8 day Old Lily Grace in West Milford, NJ

I shot maternity photos for Lily’s mom 2 days before Lily was born. We were scheduled later during the week waiting for an address from Etsy…but the dress came in and Barb was feeling like Lily was going to be rather early.

Well, good thing Barb moved the shoot up or we’d have never captured the amazing maternity shots we did that day! Copy/Past the link below to see our “Birth Goddess” session –LOL!

Lily is beautiful like Mom and Dad…but wasn’t in the mood for photos when I visited. Took a solid 4 hours and the best shots were at the end of the session. 

Looking forward to more newborn photography sessions –none until April at present.



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Nicole + Bryan at Macaluso’s in Hawthorne, NJ

Nicole + Bryan were referred by clients Lauren +
John (thanks again!). Their wedding was at Macaluso’s in Hawthorne –14
minutes from home. What an easy commute. Nicole is gorgeous, Bryan is
handsome and charismatic. They trusted us so implicitly –whatever we
wanted was good with them. As follows, we shot the 1st look in the
middle of Rea Avenue…and are so happy with the pics.

Macaluso’s has a love affair with food that you can taste! Amazing! Need
to talk to them about shooting there more often –and eating! Nicole and Bryan’s families were full of love and so much fun to work
with –especially Uncle Dave! Love to –he makes me better!


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Lise + Nicholas at The Bridgewater Manor

Lise + Nicholas threw a big party –I mean got marries at The Bridgewater Manor, October 7th. What a night! It was out 1st night shooting at this venue and we loved it! 

The food was amazing. The love was sweet and rich. The party was…epic!



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Elise & Glen’s eSession at Ringwood Manor

So sweet and so in love…these two were so cute! We shot these at Ringwood Manor as I knew it’d be quieter than Skylands Manor and the NJ Botanical Garden. 

We look forward to their 2017 wedding in Sussex Cty!

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Arlene + Jeff at Royce Brook Country Club

I shot Arlene and Jeff’s engagement photo in Hoboken about a year ago and we had a magical sunset! Was happily reunited with them in Bridgewater and Hillsborough, NJ for their country club wedding at Royce Brook Country Club with my usual partner !

Amazing people, venue and friends…everyone treated us like family! Jeff and Arlene were savvy enough to give us extra time for photography and MAN, did it pay off. 

Much love to you guys –all the best!


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Victoria & Tariq at the Westmount Country Club

Here are some photos from the Westmount Country Club, Woodland Park, NJ where I was 2nd shooter on a wedding in 2011! Shot with my 1st Nikon Fx camera the D700 for Robert Wayne photography.

I have only posted photos from the venue…not getting ready, etc, as I have a client interested in seeing my photos from inside the WMCC.



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Jessie + Steve at Perona Farm’s Barn!

Amazing wedding! Strong love and bonds. Amazing families.

Mitch the Minister!!

A great day and night –love and thanks to With Jed and I, 1 plus 1 = 3!



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Jumping Spider, Phidippus audax

I caught this beautiful jumping
spider (Phidippus audax) in my yard a few weeks ago. I had been keeping it in a
jar and dropping in a fly every couple of days to watch it hunt. Members of
Salticidae, the jumping spider family, stalk their prey and leap on them from a
few cm away. They are not passive hunters like orb weavers.

As a kid, my brother and I would
catch jumping spiders all the time. We called the spiders furries –that name
has an entirely different meaning on the web now (you can search that yourself
–no link for you).

Once captured, we’d create vivariums
for the spiders. Most commonly, we’d cut a window into a cardboard gallon milk
container and tape a piece of cling wrap over the opening. We’d add some twigs
and other flora and eventually would toss in a fly and watch the hunt. I had this in mind when I caught
this girl –sharing with my boys who are 9 and 11.

Interest was high for a few days and
then only I would be enthralled by the hunt. She didn’t always get the fly on
the first leap…but of course in a closed container the fly hadn’t a chance.

Today I decided to take some macro
photos of the P. audax. I really wanted to capture a nice focus stack. So to
slow the spider down I refrigerated it for 15 mins and then posed it on a
beautiful stone that I had chilled as well.

Unfortunately, that slowed her down
but she rarely held still for more than a couple seconds. I wasn’t able to grab
a good stack so I stopped down to f/22 for a little more depth of field and
shot with an off-camera ring flash suspended above the jumping spider.

Not what I had aimed for but the
journey was still fun and steeped in nostalgia.



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