Damian Turns 1; Eats Entire Cake!

I have been taking photos for Daisy + Luis for a while now.  

Engagement photos. Save the date photos (I convinced them to stand in the Ramapo river). Their wedding in Costa Rica…I stayed with Daisy’s family and was treated like family. Pura Vida! Newborn Damian’s photos when he was just 11 days old –and he lifted his head up!

A few days ago we took photos for Damian’s 1st birthday which was today 12/30/2015 and today I get to share them with you! I wanted to keep it simple…just a plain turquoise backdrop, some balloons and a cake. We did have two cakes but Damian is a pro and nailed it the first time! 

Happy birthday Damian and all my love to Daisy, Luis and their families both here and in Costa Rica!



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Molly & Jay’s eSession in Ringwood, NJ

We met for Molly & Jay’s engagement session at the NJ Botanical garden. We wandered through there on a gorgeous fall afternoon and they just had fun while I took photos. We ended the day at Shepherd Lake, a favorite summer time swimming hole for my boys and I. The sun was low on the horizon when we headed home.

Great couple and great day!



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…and eat apples.

Schedule a photoshoot with a family in Central NJ. Mom, Dad, kids all gorgeous. Perfect.

Then, I had a vision for a baby photo shoot that included a white tub and lots of granny smith apples. I called Michael the Dad. I had just landed in EWR off an SFO redeye. Packed the car before  I left so I could shoot the morning I landed. 

Michael: Anything you need for the shoot?

Me: Is your bathtub white?

Michael: (Quizzically) Yesss…

Me: Good, we are gonna need a lot of Granny Smith apples. Enough to fill that white tub after we add some warm water. 

Michael: OK, no problem. anything else (aren’t my clients great?)

Me: No…I mean yes, a hula hoop.


When I arrived there was food, apples a hula hoop, 2 excited parents and 2 excited kids. For the apple photos used one monolight bounced off the ceiling…was perfect. I love the way Meadow and Ivy’s eyes are so lucid! 

Outside used the sun as a back and used a monolight to really get bright, happy pix, with plenty of color saturation.

Then we went back inside for some more natural photos. Loved this set, love this family. Need to get them into some cherry blossoms this spring!


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Amanda + Jeff

Amanda was a graphic designer whose eye for design drew her to my work. 

Venue: The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor


Amanda brought along a red, heart-shaped umbrella just in case it rained and I loved it so much I bought it from her that afternoon. It comes with me now to EVERY wedding but only makes it into photos a few times a year. 

We had 2 photographers, great weather and a bride and groom excited to get great photos and willing to invest some extra time to ensure we got ‘em! 



New Jersey’s Best Wedding Photographers!

Focus Pulling: Fireworks & Christmas Tree

With focus pulling you employ manual focus and long exposures. A good tripod is a necessity! The fireworks were 5s exposures, the Christmas tree 8 seconds. 

With fireworks I think the images are best if you start out of focus and slowly rack back to in focus. With my  Christmas tree I was also zooming the lens while I was racking focus to make the light trails change in size. 

Get out there and give it a try!



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Brandi + John at Andover’s Perona Farms

Brandi and John had an amazing day for a December 13th wedding. It was 71 degrees –the wedding ceremony was held outside. Mother Nature clearly applauded their union as did their adoring families and friends. 

Wonderful people uniting to celebrate the marriage of people they love. I wish them all the best and hope to see them again for newborn photos…in a couple of years!



New Jersey’s Best Wedding Photographers

A Very Country Engagement Session

Steven asked Jessica to marry him at the Warwick Valley Winery so they thought it the ideal place to shoot their engagement pix. Clearly they were right! 

Jason of the winery was incredibly gracious giving us access to their grounds and even riding up into the hills to say hi. 

The scenery, season, Jessica and Steve inspired me and I am really happy with these photos. When I shoot Jessica + Steven’s wedding next year we will already know and trust each other so expect more great photos.
These two are the best! 

Thanks for the pizza and hard cider guys!


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Lauren + Curtiss – a West Orange, NJ Wedding

Lauren and Curtiss at the Highlawn Pavilion in 2013! Gorgeous couple, close family, fun friends, a great time even for a working man! To this day (Dec 2015), no bride has been a better dancer than Lauren! 

Lauren + Curtiss have since had a beautiful girl –Chloe!


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Lise & Nick at Ringwood Manor

Lise & Nick at Skylands Manor in Ringwood, NJ. Had a great time with these guys at the tail end of autumnal color in Ringwood. Weeding in just under a year in Bridgewater, NJ. Happy they made the trip out from Staten Island!

All the best, 


New Jersey’s Best Wedding Photographers


Donna + Mike on the yacht Royal Princess

A wedding on a gorgeous fall day on a yacht in the Hudson?! 
Hello, YES!

Donna + Mike have been amazing to work with since our first meeting over a year ago. Great people with great friends and family. An amazing night!

Here are all the vendors who had a hand in making this such a great wedding! Special thanks to 

Without so talented a partner many of these photos would have never happened!!

Venue: Royal Princess Yacht 

Dress: Kleinfeld’s

MUA, Tim McKay 

Rings: Eli Adams Jewelers

Rented Jewelry

DJ/Photobooth Gemini DJs 

Baker: Sami Cakes Boutique

Florist: The Portable Garden

Colette Morales

Make-up: Tim MacKay, https://www.facebook.com/timothyjamesmackay?fref=ts

Officiant (friend)
James Lynch

All the best,

NJ’s Best Wedding photographers

All the best,

NJ’s Best Wedding photographers