Danielle + David –Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Tomorrow, March 15th, 2015, is Danielle + David’s 2nd wedding anniversary. I figured I’d create a blog entry with 100 wedding photos as an early anniversary present. So, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

Hoping to see you guys for a family shoot this Spring or Summer!

The Mill at Spring Lake

Spring Lake Wedding Photographer

Merrick Paige @ 7 days

Dan and Jane welcomed me into their home this morning to take photos of their beautiful baby girl Merrick Paige! We shot upstairs, downstairs, in boxes, in baskets, in hammocks. Photos were great and Merrick only peed on me once…better than average!

Beautiful girl and great Mom and Dad. Maybe I can sit on your deck with you guys this Spring and enjoy a beer!?

New Jersey Newborn Photography

Katy + Jordan eSession (Oct 2014)

We met at Rifle Camp Park (Woodland Park aka West Paterson) on Halloween. We had an hour to capture their engagement/Save the Date photos. The leaves couldn’t have been more beautiful. Katy and Jordan couldn’t have been happier to be (almost) alone together.

If you know how to get out of the way and make people relax, there is a moment in a photo shoot where the couple just engages each other and could care less that you are there. That happened almost immediately with Katy and Jordan so an hour was plenty of time to make amazing photos together!

I like my couples to just enjoy some time together in a cool or beautiful place –and I take photos. When they look back at the photos one day I just want them to remember a beautiful hour they spent together on Halloween not their engagement photography session.

See you two again on Sept. 26th, 2015 in Cooperstown, NY! There will be an Ommegang for me I take it?


Best Engagement Photos

Gabriel & Luciana at 11 Days

I shot Joyce and Paul’s Save the Date photos in June of 2011 overlooking the NYC skyline at dusk. One year later (6/12) I shot their wedding in Edison, Hamilton and Princeton. What. A. Party. Joyce and Paul then got me a job shooting the retirement party of the Chairman of the Dept of Surgery at UMDNJ. It was there they told me Joyce was expecting and wanted me to shoot their newborn photo in December of 2014.

Well, Joyce had twins and 11 days later on New Year’s Eve I was taking photos of them again and their beautiful girl and boy Luciana and Gabriel!

Makes me feel loved. Thanks for everything you 4!!



NJ Baby Photographer
PS: If you peruse the whole gallery there are photos of Joyce and Paul at their engagement session and on their wedding day!

Monument Valley Tribal Park

I was travelling to NM on biz and saw that Monument Valley was only a 4 hour drive from where I was working. Decided I’d get there early and spend at least a day in Monument Valley.

Now a 4 hour drive through the Southwest is not like a horrific 4 hour drive from NJ to Long Island in traffic or heading back to north Jersey from the Jersey shore on a holiday weekend. It is a drive with one fantastic vista after the other. Even when there aren’t magnificent rock formations and mountains, there is the austere beauty and restrained palette of the desert.

Anyway, so worth the long drive to and from. I did get a speeding ticket from a tribal police officer…still worth it!!

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Fine Art Landscape Photography

Alyssa + Drew

Alyssa and Drew were married a week after Hurricane Sandy hit NJ. It was hard to get to her parent’s house as so many streets were blocked or impassible due to fallen trees or downed utility poles and lines! Alyssa’s Dad had to talk me in over the phone. 

At the church the power was out and a pair of shop lights running on a generator illuminated only the very front of the church. The priest said I could not use flash. Then he said I was moving too much an he assigned me to a bench. That was a stressful ceremony.

The venue too was running on generators but all there went smoothly.

Fun couple, cool friends and loving families could not be cowed by the aftermath of a hurricane!


Warren County Wedding Photographer

Aspiring Scream Queen Cheryl

Cheryl is a local actress making a name for herself in indy horror films and retro glamour photo shoots. Cheryl wanted some strong headshots for her comp card and website.

Cheryl did her own make-up and hair and rocked the camera! Those RED lips!

Bergen County Headshots

Oakland NJ Photographers



Kim + Bubba in Matamoras, PA

I met Kim + Bubba at Kim’s brother Rich’s wedding 2 years earlier. I was so happy to work with her family at another wedding!!

Their wedding was held under a huge tent on her Dad’s property in Matamoras, PA a few hundred yards away from the Delaware River.

Tent weddings are the best weddings I am telling you know. Lots of fresh air, copious amounts of natural light (YEAH!!) and tons of people happy to be outside on a summer’s afternoon!

I had the best time –and I was working!

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