Liz + Justin at The Brownstone

Liz and Justin had a fun and dramatic wedding at the Brownstone in Paterson. Liz’s expression walking down the aisle had us all teary-eyed. Justin is the cool guy you always wanted to hang out with and Liz is the sweetheart everyone loves. 

What a fairy-tale wedding during the holidays!


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NYC Engagement Session: Jess & RJ

Jessica and RJ hired me long before their wedding and were excited to get together for an engagement/save the date session in NYC. 

I met them at their home and we shared the ride in so we could talk about the session on the way in.

An engagement session is highly recommended as it ensures I have a good working relationship with the couple come wedding day. I have already earned their trust with amazing engagement photos. I only charge $295 for an eSession with a booked wedding –half price!

We started out in Grand Central Station and visited the NY Public Library and Times square shooting all the way! The 1st images in this gallery is the one they chose for their save the date cards!

If you think these are great –check out their wedding photos at the link below!

With love,


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Nicole + Michael’s Country Club Wedding

Shot at with

We had a fabulous time with Nicole & Michael –even got to share a beer with them between ceremony and reception. The bride and groom gave us a lot of time to shoot and the luxury of time makes for amazing photos as everyone is SO relaxed.

I have since shot photos of their beautiful baby girl Paige!


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Jess + Bill in Basking Ridge, NJ

Jess + Bill had a a warm and sweet wedding on the cusp of the holidays at Basking Ridge’s Olde Mill Inn.

The weather was cold but hearts were warm at this wedding on the cusp of the holidays!

Having shot their engagement photos many months before we were like old friends getting together again!

A Happy 3rd anniversary to Jess + Bill!


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Missy + Garrett’s Wedding in Englewood, NJ

Missy made her wedding dress –or dresses I should say as there were two. Gorgeous bride and a twin (Heather) as well. Garrett is good looking, charismatic, and generous with his hugs. Even I got one. 

A small wedding at The Women’s Club of Englewood’s charming carriage house a week after a big storm. a pretty pleasant late January day. Gary’s amazing home brew –seriously I wanna buy a couple litres!!

A small wedding with a big heart and big love. A great night! Congratulations to Missy + Garrett. Hope to be seeing them at some of their friend’s weddings soon!!



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Kelsey + John at the Mansion at Bretton Woods

Kelsey is a gorgeous Jersey girl. John is British and handsome enough to front his own boy band. It was easy to make this couple look good…or maybe it was easy for them to make ME look good, no matter the photos are fab!

It was raining early in the day so the ceremony was moved inside. During the ceremony the rain stopped and sun instead poured through the clouds and into the mansion making for really elegant and radiant photos. The love was so strong between these two –emotions ran high just look at their faces as they exchanged vows.

A horsehead mask showed up during the reception –I cannot remember if I brought mine or not but the crowd loved him.

Loved the small, intimate venue –amazing customer service and att’n to detail!

The Mansion at Bretton Woods

Another unique day with a great couple!!



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Katelin + Terence

My first wedding in the Bronx. We started there and ended up at the gorgeous Rockleigh Country Club in Rockleigh, NJ for great food and a spirited party fueled by love…end a little EtOH! Great people and a good time!

@djjamesvincentnyc ran a great party: 

The Rockleigh is amazing! 

Getting the bridal party from the Bronx to The Rockleigh in style:
Ultimate Party Bus



PS: to all the expectant Moms at the wedding –I take baby photos too!

Damian Turns 1; Eats Entire Cake!

I have been taking photos for Daisy + Luis for a while now.  

Engagement photos. Save the date photos (I convinced them to stand in the Ramapo river). Their wedding in Costa Rica…I stayed with Daisy’s family and was treated like family. Pura Vida! Newborn Damian’s photos when he was just 11 days old –and he lifted his head up!

A few days ago we took photos for Damian’s 1st birthday which was today 12/30/2015 and today I get to share them with you! I wanted to keep it simple…just a plain turquoise backdrop, some balloons and a cake. We did have two cakes but Damian is a pro and nailed it the first time! 

Happy birthday Damian and all my love to Daisy, Luis and their families both here and in Costa Rica!



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Molly & Jay’s eSession in Ringwood, NJ

We met for Molly & Jay’s engagement session at the NJ Botanical garden. We wandered through there on a gorgeous fall afternoon and they just had fun while I took photos. We ended the day at Shepherd Lake, a favorite summer time swimming hole for my boys and I. The sun was low on the horizon when we headed home.

Great couple and great day!



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…and eat apples.

Schedule a photoshoot with a family in Central NJ. Mom, Dad, kids all gorgeous. Perfect.

Then, I had a vision for a baby photo shoot that included a white tub and lots of granny smith apples. I called Michael the Dad. I had just landed in EWR off an SFO redeye. Packed the car before  I left so I could shoot the morning I landed. 

Michael: Anything you need for the shoot?

Me: Is your bathtub white?

Michael: (Quizzically) Yesss…

Me: Good, we are gonna need a lot of Granny Smith apples. Enough to fill that white tub after we add some warm water. 

Michael: OK, no problem. anything else (aren’t my clients great?)

Me: No…I mean yes, a hula hoop.


When I arrived there was food, apples a hula hoop, 2 excited parents and 2 excited kids. For the apple photos used one monolight bounced off the ceiling…was perfect. I love the way Meadow and Ivy’s eyes are so lucid! 

Outside used the sun as a back and used a monolight to really get bright, happy pix, with plenty of color saturation.

Then we went back inside for some more natural photos. Loved this set, love this family. Need to get them into some cherry blossoms this spring!


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