D & J’s 15 Day-Old Girl!!

I have been there for their wedding, pregnancy announcement and maternity photos. It was an honor to take photos of J&D’s amazingly beautiful little girl in their home this past weekend! I love my clients…and I think they love me back!!

I wanted to do something new for this shoot and it struck me –flowers. This time of year that means cherry blossoms! I stopped by a hotel on my way to their home and clipped a few gorgeous blooming branches! Too cool!!



Newborn Photographer

Newborn Kara

Kara’s Mom Danielle was referred by a past client (Thanks Lauren!). Danielle contacted me 2 weeks ago but since I had trips to Vienna followed immediately by Palm Springs, I couldn’t get to her home until Saturday. Thanks for waiting!

Danielle and James have a beautiful home and a gorgeous little purple nursery for Kara! Kara was terrific for her shoot! She did pee on my blankets once but every baby does that. She did crack a wicked little smile while peeing so see if you can find that photo!

I spent just over 3 hour with Kara and her parent in Yonkers. When it was time to leave and my wife texted me about her need for a pedicure ASAP, Danielle & James helped me pack my gear and bring it out to the car! 

Thank you guys for hiring me and helping me –here is an extra large preview gallery to share with your friends and family!!



New York Newborn Photography

Stevanna’s Maternity Shoot in Joshua Tree NP

While out in Palm Springs on other biz, I found Stevanna who was ISO a photographer for maternity photos.

I suggested Joshua Tree NP –there are some beautiful, smooth round boulders that I thought would be an interesting setting for maternity photos. The shape of the baby bump echoed in the boulders and vice versa.

I met Stevanna in the park when the light was perfect and we spent an hour capturing these photos. She was amazing in front of the camera –posed and professional (she has done some modeling). I should also mention it was in the 50’s that day and when we were shooting in the shade the boulders she posed on were quite cold!

Thanks Stevanna and sorry I won’t be around for newborn photos!!


Maternity Photography

Diana’s Maternity Shoot

I have been lucky enough to shoot Diana + Juan’s wedding in Quito, Ecuador, to shoot their pregnancy announcement photos and now their maternity photos! In a couple of weeks I will be shooting newborn photos. 

Thank you guys for trusting me every step of the way!! Looking forward to meeting your baby in a week or so! 


NJ Maternity Photographer

Danielle + David –Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Tomorrow, March 15th, 2015, is Danielle + David’s 2nd wedding anniversary. I figured I’d create a blog entry with 100 wedding photos as an early anniversary present. So, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

Hoping to see you guys for a family shoot this Spring or Summer!

The Mill at Spring Lake

Spring Lake Wedding Photographer

Merrick Paige @ 7 days

Dan and Jane welcomed me into their home this morning to take photos of their beautiful baby girl Merrick Paige! We shot upstairs, downstairs, in boxes, in baskets, in hammocks. Photos were great and Merrick only peed on me once…better than average!

Beautiful girl and great Mom and Dad. Maybe I can sit on your deck with you guys this Spring and enjoy a beer!?

New Jersey Newborn Photography

Katy + Jordan eSession (Oct 2014)

We met at Rifle Camp Park (Woodland Park aka West Paterson) on Halloween. We had an hour to capture their engagement/Save the Date photos. The leaves couldn’t have been more beautiful. Katy and Jordan couldn’t have been happier to be (almost) alone together.

If you know how to get out of the way and make people relax, there is a moment in a photo shoot where the couple just engages each other and could care less that you are there. That happened almost immediately with Katy and Jordan so an hour was plenty of time to make amazing photos together!

I like my couples to just enjoy some time together in a cool or beautiful place –and I take photos. When they look back at the photos one day I just want them to remember a beautiful hour they spent together on Halloween not their engagement photography session.

See you two again on Sept. 26th, 2015 in Cooperstown, NY! There will be an Ommegang for me I take it?


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