Paige Elizabeth

I was lucky enough to shoot Nicole + Michael’s wedding at the Twin Brooks Country Club in Watchung, NJ.
Visit that page to see one of the shots from the day.That wedding was a watershed event. Every so often there is a wedding where you are given plenty of time, great locations and everything goes perfectly. New techniques work flawlessly, you are ALWAYS in the right place. You feel as if your abilities have risen to a new level. As a gamer I can say it’s like leveling up. Theirs was one of those weddings!

A couple of years go by and I hear from Nicole saying she is pregnant (cool) 17-year cicadas have over-run their backyard (cool) and would I be interested in shooting photos of their daughter when she is born. I was so happy that Nicole trusted me enough to take photos of Paige Elizabeth.

We make a good team –I hope there are more babies on the way!!


Gina + Anthony

Gina + Anthony have known each other since 3rd grade! Wow!

They were married in St. Matthias church, right next to the school they both attended as children.

The reception was at the alway beautiful Forsgate CC in Monroe Township. Golf courses are always great to shoot on…FORE! That was close.

Family, friends and lots of kids at the wedding –what a great time!

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Molly + Jay (Oct 2014)

Molly and Jay hired me to shoot their wedding >1 year before the date. We shot a wonderful engagement shoot about a year before the wedding in Ringwood State Park. One of the best places in No NJ, IMHO!! Their wedding was at the beautiful Il Tulipano in Cedar Grove:

Jay was the rare groom who LOVES the camera never needed to prompt him to smile! Molly’s quiet beauty really complements Jay’s gregariousness.

We had a visit from the Cedar Grove Fire Dept some false alarm. We got some great photos with the fire fighters and fire trucks. I really appreciate what these folks do for us all.

What a fun night –hope to see you guys again soon!

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Julie + Bob (Oct-2014)

Julie and Bob’s wedding was one of the weekends I had weddings Fri, Sat and Sun. Exciting to be so sought after a wedding photographer.

Julie’s parent had come out from Illinois with this amazing vintage car that Julie loves…well everybody loves. The car was trailered out from IL…was only driven a few dozen miles in NJ. It was a resplendent emerald in the afternoon sun when I showed up to begin shooting. Julie’s proud Dad gave me a tour and history of the car.

At this wedding two other couples who had hired me to shoot their weddings were also at the wedding and reception. I regret not getting a photo of the 3 couples with me!

A touching ceremony, great fun-loving people and warm welcoming families. That’s what it’s all about!

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Ariel + Chandran’s Florentine Gardens Wedding

Ariel + Tiruvattar’s wedding day started off cold and rainy…it was pouring when I showed up at the Woodcliff Lake Hilton where Ariel was getting ready. The rain let up after the ceremony an we were able to get outside for some portraits to my delight! I have only had it rain all day at a wedding twice in the past 5 years. I have been incredibly lucky!

Reception was at The Estate at Florentine Gardens –my 2nd time at this grand, impeccably organized venue:

What a party…it was bedlam when the bride and groom were introduced! Incredible energy and love from Ariel and Tiruvattar’s families and friends.

Great night! Great fun, great friends, great photos and big love!

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Sam + Dan eSession/Save the Date (Nov-2014)

I am shooting Sam & Dan’s wedding in PA October 2015. They needed save the date photos. Dan ios a photographer too and I was trying to think of something novel.

Early November I went apple-picking with my family at Och’s Orchards in Warwick, NY. In the past we had gone to Masker’s Orchard down the road. I don’t like that place. To my delight I loved Och’s and will be there every year henceforth!

While there, I got to thinking how it’s make a cool venue for a shoot so I took some iPhone HDR photos and sent them to Dan. He liked the idea and trusted in my vision so we met there on 15-Nov-2015. Sadly, apples were pretty much cleaned out but we were able to come up with a dozen or so.

Sam and Dan brought a cool save the date sign which we decorated with autumnal foliage. A ladybug stopped in for a cameo during a ring photo and Dan carved a heart into an apple!

Ultimately, we all had fun –that is the key to a successful engagement, or family portrait session. Make it fun and let people have fun. How about them apples?



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Kieu + Jerome (Sept-2014)

Jerome and Kieu found me on The Knot (see my reviews there, BTW) and we met in a Panera. I was hired the second I opened my mouth and didn’t say something stupid. They were really excited to meet with me and we signed the contract that night which doesn’t happen as often as I’d like ;0).

The wedding was at the beautiful Ravello in East Hanover:

I was at Ravello early, and though they had a nice garden it really wasn’t “my style” for the portraits of Bide, Groom and Bridal party. There was a wooded area behind the building and I headed there after letting the bride know I had arrived.

It was perfect…small trees filtering the light and allowing the sporadic sunbeam through. Perfect! I showed the bride and convinced her that this was where we NEEDED to shoot. She trusted me, and if she could walk on the dirt, here brides maids would follow!

Getting a bride to trust your instincts and vision is essential. Showing her a couple of photos after you begin shooting in a novel setting is always a good idea. If your bride is nervous she won’t be able to hide it and every photo will make if increasingly clear.

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Jacklyn + Andrew (Oct-2014)

Jaclyn + Andrew took us to Mendham, Morristown, West Paterson & Old Tappan. Jacklyn was looking for somewhere to shoot formal portraits of her and Andrew, bridal party and family. I looked around Morristown a bit but didn’t find anyplace I loved. Peruse the route from the church in Morristown to the venue in Old Tappan and notice we’ll pass near Garrett Mtn and Rifle Camp Park in Woodland Park. Took a drive to Rifle Camp Park a couple of weeks before the wedding and I was knocked out by the colors and the different areas we could shoot in. Was also delighted to see there weren’t many people around. I can get the bride and groom to lose themselves in front of the camera and NOT feel self-conscious but I am not sure I could to that with 20 strangers watching us shoot.

Anyway wedding day we got to RCP with 2 hours to shoot and only needed 90 minutes. I LOVE to keep everything on schedule to keep smiles at a maximum and stress at a minimum! Bring people to a beautiful place on a happy day and you can’t go wrong. Maybe it’s time to start holding seminars?!

These photos were live on FB the day after the wedding –I was so excited to share ‘em!

Venue: Old Tappan Manor


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Maura + Dan (Oct-2014)

I shot Maura and Dan’s wedding on an amazing Autumn afternoon in Upstate NY. They live around the block from me and found me on Google Maps –noticed me on their phones! Pretty easy to meet –I’d walk around block. We immediately had an easy rapport and I was excited when they told me I was hired!

We had fabulous weather on their wedding day and we had a sunset to ourselves on a beautiful golf course. Definitely one of the highlights of 2014 wedding season!!

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