Ali + Danielle = The Joros (Nov-2014)

Two firsts for us –1st wedding on Long Island and first same sex wedding! I was so excited when Ali + Danielle first contacted me as I had long supported EVERYONE’S right to get married and what better way to express this opinion that to photograph a gay wedding!

I remember our first Facetime chat when Danielle asked, “Have you ever shot a gay wedding before.”

Saying no made my heart sink but I went on to explain that Love is Love and that to me a wedding is a wedding and I would exceed their expectations.

I was hired and brought along my favorite collaborator and photographic brother, Jed Smith photography. Ali and Danielle love their photos but Jed and I love them more. So there!!

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LGBT Wedding photographer

Rebecca + Mat (Nov-2014)

It was a cold rainy November Day day in Mamaroneck, NY. Weather could not dampen the spirits of Rebecca, Mat, bridal party and guests. The enthusiasm of the bride and groom and their faith in us to “get the shot” made for maybe the single strongest image from 2014! The Umbrella in the Rain shot actually was featured on Huffington Post a few days after the wedding!

Would love to shoot more at the Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club –great venue!

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Peace and Love


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